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Justice Ginsburg Says to Think About What’s Changed!

My interview with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a chapter in “The Counselors: Conversations with 18 Courageous Women Who Have Changed the World.” Here’s another conversation with her:

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Melissa Fitzgerald: A West Wing Life

You may remember the West Wing episode where Carol, CJ Cregg’s assistant, announces that she’s been so transformed by working with President Jed Bartlet’s dream team over his two terms in office that she’s dedicating the next phase of her

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Year of the Monkey, Meet Speed Mentoring: Round Two

A new year inspires new endeavors and fresh challenges. It might move you to “Lean In,” as well as to look inward in order to re-imagine or recalibrate your career path…. The new year can compel a long list of

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It’s A New World

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo Nowhere is this more evident than in the movement for women in leadership right now. Consider the following sampling of events in our culture since the start

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Taking Care of Business… Old and New

Graduation season is the perfect time to reflect on how the world for American women has been changing both slowly and quickly, both dramatically and not at all . . . . Consider this recent sampling: 2009: The very first

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